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Management of Information System Technology Services

Question: Examine about the Management of Information System Technology Services. Answer: Presentation The IT4IT Reference Architecture offers a comprehensive direction so as to execute IT the executives capacities for advanced undertaking at present days. Moreover, it is situated as companion to the equivalent reference models like NRF/ARTS and TMF Framework. Present report manages foundation and defense for receiving IT4IT Reference Architecture in Delta Lloyd and selection guide that clarifies the procedure of usage. In addition, challenges looked by Delta Lloyd at the hour of selection process are depicted in the current report. It likewise clarifies the results of IT4IT appropriation in Delta Lloyd and proposals for improving IT administration the executives. Foundation and defense of IT4IT selection Thorson (2013, p.141) expressed that with the assistance of IT4IT standard, individuals from The Open Group have created a usable and down to earth bit of work, which supports and improves the things like COBIT, ITIL, CMMI and Agile that makes a connection straightforwardly with TOGAF 9 and ArchiMate. Obtaining from the standards of the executives changes the way toward assembling and it incorporates formal IT working model that depends on esteem chain approach. It is known as IT esteem chain and three-level practical reference engineering, which includes significant IT esteem floods of Delta Lloyd (Wang, 2012, p.241). Use of significant worth chain thinking to the activities in the associations permits examining the shortcoming of the association (The Open Group, 2017). What's more, appropriation of the reference system in Delta Lloyd permits the association to discover the bottlenecks of the organization and the open doors that can improve execution of the association. Josey (2015, p.631) referenced that reception of the IT4IT Reference Architecture gives viewpoint direction on the way toward dealing with the administration models just as life-pattern of the continuous tasks and the sorts of frameworks that can be placed into the spot so as to increase upper hands in the business (The Open Group, 2017). Alongside these, reception of the reference structure permits the association to diminish expenses and make disentanglement of the procedure alongside carrying start to finish discernibility to the creation of the organization (Josey et al. 2016, p.134). It is expected to have results for IT4IT Reference Architecture empowers IT the board so as to work across whole worth chain in better, quicker just as less expensive route with less dangers. Reception of the reference design suggests in distributed computing that benefits in administration direction and take right choices and activities at the hour of the coming to the hazard point where foundation provisioning shift left to the groups of DevOps System and to the application programming. Reception guide The reference engineering empowers movement of four elevated level IT esteem streams, for example, Strategy to Portfolio, Requirement to Deploy, Request to Fulfill just as Detect to Correct. Every one of the worth streams can be separated into definite capacities and incorporates various practical components used to oversee information objects (Cannatelli et al. 2014, p.311). In Delta Lloyd, appropriation of the reference design is prepared through various advances. Arranging and planning: In request to actualize the IT4IT Reference structure, it is required to plan and plan of the whole procedure from the start. In this stage, Delta Lloyd need to create IT anticipate plan and make sensible help model. Furthermore, utilitarian and specialized prerequisites are accomplished in this progression. Creating: Agile, iterative and cascade are created in this progression. What's more, source and setting up of dev condition alongside vision control and engineer testing are accomplished in the progression of execution in Delta Lloyd. Testing: Davis (2015, p.641) declared that utilitarian, for example, work area and web portable application are accomplished in this progression of usage in the association. Furthermore, execution is estimated and status just as unique security is dissected in this phase of organization of IT4IT at Delta Lloyd. Conveying: Releasing the plans and changing arrangement process are remembered for this progression of usage (The Open Group, 2017). What's more, information the board and use of security observing is accomplished in this progression of the execution of the reference design. Difficulties experienced at Delta Lloyd during selection process A more profound examination of adjusting IT4IT Reference Architecture shows that Delta Lloyd has confronted a few difficulties that are experienced during the procedure of appropriation. Grammatikopoulos and Pond (2016, p.1) remarked that there is missing of genuine design vision on understanding the new standards. Furthermore, the quintessence of the ITFIT is design dependent on ITIL V3/2011. It additionally clarifies and structures significant parts of ITIL (The Open Group, 2017). The administration of Life-cycle and occurrences and issues make changes in the association. Furthermore, major IT4IT esteem streams like Strategy2Portfolio and Requirement2Deploy depend on conventional arrangement and create approach for run. IT4IT brings gigantic additional incentive for giving the customers design of the association for business of IT (Josey, 2015, p.201). Be that as it may, a portion of the associations can't get bear the cost of it. Thus, most of the endeavors including Delta Lloyd are battling with actualizing the administration and administration life-cycle just as center musings related with ITIL. Henceforth, it s required to bode well to begin utilizing the reference system so as to examine current circumstance and set a benchmark for getting further improvement. Results of IT4IT appropriation in Delta Lloyd Execution of IT4IT can give a few outcomes at Delta Lloyd that can be portrayed as followed. Starter stage and making vision: It is vital to allocate possession for receiving the reference engineering in Delta Lloyd (Attaran, 2015, p.541). There are number of key jobs required inside the association requires to oversee procedure of IT the executives just as applications required to help esteem floods of IT4IT. Then again, the vision of Delta Lloyd required IT the board abilities and examination of medium just as long haul guide of innovation. As-Is Analysis: The significant utilization of the reference model is making correlation with benchmark territory of Delta Lloyd. IT4IT suggests pattern expresses that can be displayed by utilizing the ArchiMate documentation. Simultaneously, recognizable proof of the partners just as examination of the standard aptitudes alongside abilities is remembered for this progression (Maes et al. 2016, p.795). The hole examination is produced so as to contrast and IT4IT Reference Architecture. To-Be Architecture: The objective of the design is displayed in ArchiMate documentation. In this way, it is probably going to begin with the objectives just as drivers. One of the helpful instruments for characterizing its objectives is objectives of CORBIT 5 Goals Cascade. In this way, to-be design comprises of various EA areas like business, application, innovation and information. Hole Analysis: One of the key exercises to create design is accomplished in this progression. The hole investigation requires to be performed of current circumstance and against the objective model (Strzelczak, 2014, p.605). Holes in every aspect of design are handled in this progression, for example, aptitudes, capacities, information and usefulness of framework. Openings and arrangement; movement and usage: The holes result great beginning stage that can be utilized in the lean procedures like DMAIC that can distinguish the fast successes just as defense degrees, for example, solidifying apparatuses for various help the executives. Suggestions A few difficulties experienced during the procedure of execution results a few issues in IT administration the board. Thusly, it is required to take a few activities and follow a few methodologies that can be useful to accomplish better outcomes for IT4IT reception in Delta Lloyd. It is required to empower the abilities for the administration model start to finish just as through and through administrations. The mechanization abilities are required to accomplish single-administration conveyance and with more significant levels of robotization through cloud compartments, for example, Docker. The administration models over the layers need to devour the application benefits through expending foundation administrations. It is likewise critical to outline money related help abilities in every one of the worth streams. End From the above conversation, it very well may be inferred that selection of the IT4IT Reference Architecture gives a few advantages to the association. The worth stream of IT4IT like Strategy to Portfolio assists with taking choices to choose the administrations and the way toward conveying. What's more, it likewise assists with blurring account yields. Be that as it may, a few difficulties looked by the association can create a few issues during the time spent reception. Consequently, proper methodologies and moves should be made that can brings about creating most ideal yield for embracing IT4IT in the association. References Attaran, A., 2015. Unanimity on death with dignitylegalizing doctor helped biting the dust in Canada.New England Journal of Medicine,vol.372, no.22, pp.2080-2082. Cannatelli, A., Giani, T., D'Andrea, M.M., Di Pilato, V., Arena, F., Conte, V., Tryfinopoulou, K., Vatopoulos, A., Rossolini, G.M. what's more, COLGRIT Study Group, 2014. MgrB inactivation is a typical system of colistin opposition in KPC carbapenemase-creating Klebsiella pneumoniae of clinical origin.Antimicrobial specialists and chemotherapy, pp.AAC-03110. Davis, C.J., 2015. The IT4IT reference design, rendition 2.0. Grammatikopoulos, P. what's more, Pond, R.C., 2016. Distinguishing the variety of crystallographically comparable variations created by iterative stage changes in Ti.Acta Crystallographica Section B: Structural Science, Crystal Engineering and Materials,vol.72, n

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Angels Demons Chapter 80-81

80 When Langdon had left the Vatican Secret Archives just two hours prior, he had never envisioned he would see them again. Presently, winded from having run the whole route with his Swiss Guard escort, Langdon ended up back at the files by and by. His escort, the gatekeeper with the scar, presently drove Langdon through the columns of translucent work spaces. The quietness of the documents felt some way or another all the more restricting now, and Langdon was appreciative when the watchman broke it. â€Å"Over here, I think,† he stated, accompanying Langdon to the rear of the chamber where a progression of littler vaults lined the divider. The watchman checked the titles on the vaults and motioned to one of them. â€Å"Yes, here it is. Right where the authority said it would be.† Langdon read the title. Attivi Vaticani. Vatican resources? He checked the rundown of substance. Genuine estate†¦ currency†¦ Vatican Bank†¦ antiquities†¦ The rundown went on. â€Å"Paperwork of all Vatican assets,† the watchman said. Langdon took a gander at the work space. Jesus. Indeed, even in obscurity, he could tell it was pressed. â€Å"My officer said that whatever Bernini made while under Vatican support would be recorded here as an asset.† Langdon gestured, understanding the administrator's impulses could conceivably pay off. In Bernini's day, everything a craftsman made while under the support of the Pope became, by law, property of the Vatican. It was more similar to feudalism than support, however top specialists lived well and only from time to time whined. â€Å"Including works set in temples outside Vatican City?† The trooper gave him an odd look. â€Å"Of course. Every single Catholic holy places in Rome are property of the Vatican.† Langdon took a gander at the rundown in his grasp. It contained the names of the twenty or so places of worship that were situated on an immediate line with West Ponente's breath. The third special stepped area of science was one of them, and Langdon trusted he had the opportunity to make sense of which it was. Under different conditions, he would readily have investigated each congregation face to face. Today, notwithstanding, he had around twenty minutes to discover what he was searching for †the one church containing a Bernini tribute to fire. Langdon strolled to the vault's electronic spinning entryway. The watchman didn't follow. Langdon detected a questionable faltering. He grinned. â€Å"The air's fine. Slender, yet breathable.† â€Å"My orders are to accompany you here and afterward return quickly to the security center.† â€Å"You're leaving?† â€Å"Yes. The Swiss Guard are not permitted inside the chronicles. I am penetrating convention by accompanying you this far. The administrator helped me to remember that.† â€Å"Breaching protocol?† Do you have any thought what is happening here today? â€Å"Whose side is your damn authority on!† All neighborliness vanished from the gatekeeper's face. The scar under his eye jerked. The watchman gazed, looking out of nowhere a great deal like Olivetti himself. â€Å"I apologize,† Langdon stated, lamenting the remark. â€Å"It's just†¦ I could utilize some help.† The gatekeeper didn't squint. â€Å"I am prepared to follow orders. Not banter them. At the point when you find what you are searching for, contact the leader immediately.† Langdon was bothered. â€Å"But where will he be?† The watchman expelled his walkie-talkie and set it on a close by table. â€Å"Channel one.† Then he vanished into the dull. 81 The TV in the Office of the Pope was a curiously large Hitachi covered up in a recessed bureau inverse his work area. The ways to the bureau were currently open, and everybody accumulated around. Vittoria moved right up front. As the screen heated up, a youthful female columnist came into see. She was a doe-looked at brunette. â€Å"For MSNBC news,† she declared, â€Å"this is Kelly Horan-Jones, live from Vatican City.† The picture behind her was a night shot of St. Dwindle's Basilica with every one of its lights bursting. â€Å"You're not live,† Rocher snapped. â€Å"That's stock film! The lights in the basilica are out.† Olivetti quieted him with a murmur. The columnist kept, sounding tense. â€Å"Shocking improvements in the Vatican decisions tonight. We have reports that two individuals from the College of Cardinals have been severely killed in Rome.† Olivetti swore faintly. As the journalist proceeded, a gatekeeper showed up at the entryway, short of breath. â€Å"Commander, the focal switchboard reports each line lit. They're mentioning our official situation on †â€Å" â€Å"Disconnect it,† Olivetti stated, never taking his eyes from the TV. The gatekeeper looked dubious. â€Å"But, leader †â€Å" â€Å"Go!† The gatekeeper ran off. Vittoria detected the camerlegno had needed to state something yet had halted himself. Rather, the man gazed long and hard at Olivetti before turning around to the TV. MSNBC was presently running tape. The Swiss Guards conveyed the assemblage of Cardinal Ebner down the steps outside Santa Maria del Popolo and lifted him into an Alpha Romeo. The tape solidified and zoomed in as the cardinal's exposed body got noticeable not long before they stored him in the storage compartment of the vehicle. â€Å"Who the hellfire shot this footage?† Olivetti requested. The MSNBC journalist continued talking. â€Å"This is accepted to be the assemblage of Cardinal Ebner of Frankfurt, Germany. The men expelling his body from the congregation are accepted to be Vatican Swiss Guard.† The correspondent seemed as though she was bending over backward to show up fittingly moved. They surrounded her face, and she turned out to be considerably increasingly grave. â€Å"At this time, MSNBC might want to give our watchers an optional admonition. The pictures we are going to show are incredibly clear and may not be appropriate for all audiences.† Vittoria snorted at the station's pretended worry for watcher reasonableness, perceiving the admonition as precisely what it was †a definitive media â€Å"teaser line.† Nobody at any point changed channels after a guarantee that way. The journalist drove it home. â€Å"Again, this recording might be stunning to some viewers.† â€Å"What footage?† Olivetti requested. â€Å"You just indicated †â€Å" The shot that filled the screen was of a couple in St. Diminish's Square, traveling through the group. Vittoria in a flash perceived the two individuals as Robert and herself. Toward the edge of the screen was a content overlay: Courtesy of the BBC. A ringer was tolling. â€Å"Oh, no,† Vittoria said so anyone might hear. â€Å"Oh†¦ no.† The camerlegno looked befuddled. He went to Olivetti. â€Å"I thought you said you reallocated this tape!† Out of nowhere, on TV, a youngster was shouting. The picture panned to locate a young lady pointing at what seemed, by all accounts, to be a ridiculous vagrant. Robert Langdon entered unexpectedly into the casing, attempting to support the young lady. The shot fixed. Everybody in the Pope's office gazed in stunned quietness as the show unfurled before them. The cardinal's body fell face first onto the asphalt. Vittoria showed up and called orders. There was blood. A brand. An unpleasant, bombed endeavor to oversee CPR. â€Å"This amazing footage,† the correspondent was stating, â€Å"was shot just minutes back outside the Vatican. Our sources disclose to us this is the assemblage of Cardinal Lamasse from France. How he came to be dressed along these lines and why he was not in conference stay a riddle. Up until this point, the Vatican has declined to comment.† The tape started to roll once more. â€Å"Refused comment?† Rocher said. â€Å"Give us a damn minute!† The journalist was all the while talking, her eyebrows wrinkling with power. â€Å"Although MSNBC presently can't seem to affirm an intention in the assault, our sources disclose to us that duty regarding the homicides has been guaranteed by a gathering considering themselves the Illuminati.† Olivetti detonated. â€Å"What!† â€Å"†¦ discover increasingly about the Illuminati by visiting our site at †â€Å" â€Å"Non e posibile!† Olivetti proclaimed. He exchanged channels. This station had a Hispanic male journalist. † †a sinister faction known as the Illuminati, who a few history specialists accept †â€Å" Olivetti started squeezing the remote uncontrollably. Each direct was in a live update. Most were in English. † †Swiss Guards expelling a body from a congregation prior tonight. The body is accepted to be that of Cardinal †â€Å" † †lights in the basilica and exhibition halls are doused leaving hypothesis †â€Å" † †will be talking with scheme scholar Tyler Tingley, about this stunning resurgence †â€Å" † †bits of gossip about two additional deaths made arrangements for later tonight †â€Å" † †addressing now whether ecclesiastical cheerful Cardinal Baggia is among the missing †â€Å" Vittoria dismissed. Everything was going on so quick. Outside the window, in the settling dim, the crude attraction of human catastrophe appeared to suck individuals toward Vatican City. The group in the square thickened nearly by the moment. People on foot gushed toward them while another cluster of media faculty emptied vans and had a special interest in St. Subside's Square. Olivetti set down the remote control and went to the camerlegno. â€Å"Signore, I can't envision how this could occur. We took the tape that was in that camera!† The camerlegno looked immediately too shocked to even think about speaking. No one said a word. The Swiss Guards stood unbending at consideration. â€Å"It appears,† the camerlegno said at long last, sounding too crushed to be in any way furious, â€Å"that we have not contained this emergency just as I was directed to believe.† He glanced out the window at the social event masses. â€Å"I need to make an address.† Olivetti shook his head. â€Å"No, signore. That is actually what the Illuminati need you to do †affirm them, enable them. We should remain silent.† â€Å"And these p

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3 Risks of Short-Term No Credit Check Loans

3 Risks of Short-Term No Credit Check Loans 3 Risks of Short-Term No Credit Check Loans 3 Risks of Short-Term No Credit Check LoansYou might be familiar with the high APRs that come with no credit check loans, but did you also know that their lump sum payments could end up driving you into a cycle of debt?No credit check loans can be a good financial solution when you need cash in a hurry. But that doesnt mean you should simply take the first loan you see advertised or enter the transaction without understanding the risksâ€"especially if the loan is a short-term payday loan, title loan, or cash advance.When shopping around for a short-term no credit check loan, these are the three risks you need to know.1. High APRs.This isn’t so much a risk as it is a given. No credit check and other bad credit loans come with much higher interest rates than standard personal loans. Due to the increased risk of default, there’s really no way around it.But short-term no credit check loans have APRs that are extremely high, even compared to other types of bad credit loan products. An d while these products may seem like a great way to get out of debt fast, their high APRs could help trap you in a recurring  cycle of debt.Simply looking at the interest rate for one of these loans doesn’t tell the whole story. For instance, a 15 percent interest charge on a two-week payday loan doesnt sound that bad, right?That’s why you should check the APR. Regular loans calculate interest on an annual basis, while short-term loans calculate interest by the week or the month. As such, a two-week rate of 15 percent translates to an APR of 391 percent!Yeah, we weren’t joking about these loans being way more expensive than standard loans or credit cards. If you have bad credit and are looking for a loan, a lower APR is one factor you should definitely be keeping in mind.2. Unaffordable payments.As we mentioned in the previous section, a short-term loan might seem like a great way to get out of debt quick, but those shorter terms can end up working against you, too. And one wa y that a short-term loan can spell trouble is through the size of their payments.Unlike installment loans, which are paid off a little bit at a time, short-term no credit check loans are paid off in a single lump sum. And while this may seem convenient, it isn’t always. Many payday users find that this single payment is more than they can afford in such a short span.Think about it: The reason that many people take out a payday or title loan is that they’re facing an unexpected expense or financial shortfall. Even if the due date is set on their next payday, paying back the amount they borrowed plus interest only weeks after they borrowed the loan is going to blow a brand new hole in their budget.When someone can’t afford to make their loan payment, many of them end up having to roll over their loanâ€"extending the due date in return for an additional interest chargeâ€"or borrowing a new loan immediately after they pay off the old one. If they have to do this repeatedly, it mea ns they’ve become trapped in a cycle of debt.This is a reality for many no credit check borrowers. According to a  study from the Pew Research Centers, over 80 percent of payday loan customers don’t have enough money in their monthly budgets to cover their payments, while the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau  found that the average payday borrower takes out 10 loans per year.Before opting into a short-term payday or title loan, you should look into the bad credit installment loan options available in your area. A longer repayment period means smaller individual payments, which could fit more easily into your budget.3. Lenders that don’t check if you can repay.Before taking out a bad credit loan, you need to look over your budget and make sure that you can afford your payments without having to take out an additional loan. And one of the reasons that you need to do this is that many no credit check lenders won’t.This is very different from how traditional lending institut ions work. Making sure that their customers can repay is why banks and other personal lenders check an applicant’s credit in the first place. If their score is too low, that means that the risk of them defaulting is too high, and the lender will refuse to extend them credit.But many no credit check lenders do just the opposite. They don’t do anything to see whether or not a potential customer can afford the loan they’re applying for. If they end up needing to rollover or reborrow their loan, these lenders stand to make more money than if the person paid their loan off on time.Instead, you should look for a bad credit lender that checks whether or not you can repay your loan. This could be a soft credit check (which won’t affect your credit score) or it could mean verifying your income. Whatever method they use, it shows that these lenders care.Before you click “yes” on an online loan agreement or head down to your local brick-and-mortar payday lender, make sure you accou nt for the three risks laid out in this article. If you can find a lender that addresses all three, odds are you’ve found the right no credit check loan for you.To learn more about how you can improve your financial situation, check out these other articles from OppLoans:How to Raise Your Credit Score by 100 PointsSave More Money with These 40 Expert Tips10 Good Money Habits to Make Your Friends JealousBuilding Your Financial Life: Budgeting for BeginnersDo you have a personal finance question youd like us to answer? Let us know! You can find us  on  Facebook  and  Twitter.  |Instagram

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The Giver And 1984 By George Orwell - 899 Words

In films and novels such as The Giver and 1984, a reader or viewer sees the disturbing desires for control and power in dystopian societies. Many dystopian societies congruous to those of Oceania in 1984 and the Community in The Giver, vary in that some can be more violent, controlling, or be ruled by power hungry leaders than others. â€Å"Two households, both alike in dignity... From ancient grudge break to new mutiny, Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean...† These two works have many similarities and differences, not due to the fact that one is a cinematic work while the other is a literary work, but because each dystopian society is very much alike yet dissimilar in certain aspects. The Giver is a novel, that has also been adapted into a film, it is set in a society which at first appears to be a utopian society but is revealed to be a dystopian one. The film follows a boy named Jonas, who gets chosen to be the next Receiver of Memory; a person who holds all th e past memories in history, all of the memories before â€Å"Sameness.† A Giver and Receiver of Memory is chosen because there may be times in which one may need to reflect on the wisdom and knowledge that has been gained throughout history, to support the community’s decisions. The society in which Jonas lives has completely eliminated feelings of fear, pain, hunger, illness, conflict, and hatred, all in order to the create the ideal and perfect world. In addition to the eradication of all emotions, theShow MoreRelatedComparing 1984 And The Giver By George Orwell979 Words   |  4 Pagesgovernment or hold political freedoms. To remain in power, the reigning party must utilize tactics to manipulate its people. These techniques are evident in the novels 1984 and The Giver. Many critics make connections between these books because of their comparable plot characteristics. The Giver by Lois Lowry is similar to 1984 by George Orwell because both novels depict a dystopi an society in which the authoritarian government conditions its people through the suppression of emotions, and concealment ofRead MoreGeorge Orwell s 1984 And The Giver902 Words   |  4 Pagesworld depicted in George Orwell’s 1984. This dystopian world may have felt a million miles away when Orwell wrote 1984 in 1949. But, in today’s society, the interest in dystopian novels and films continues to grow. Many comparisons can be drawn between various dystopian novels. 1984 is especially similar to the novel and film The Giver. The novels share similarities in characters, memory, time, emotion, relationships, government, and jobs. Winston Smith, the main character of 1984, does not fullyRead MoreComparing Utopia Compared To 1984 And The Giver, By George Orwell847 Words   |  4 Pagesperfect qualities; everyone lives in harmony, and all actions are done for the greater good. A book similar to 1984, written by George Orwell, is The Giver which is written by Lois Lowry. Both books carry nearly the same situation throughout the reading: there’s a person or two, who does not fit in because they do not believe in the idea of a utopian society. Unlike The Giver though, 1984 ends in a rather desolate way. Winston Smith has been stripped of any past beliefs and thoughts that he once hadRead More1984 versusThe Giver806 Words   |  3 Pages1984 by George Orwell and The giver by Lois Lowry have a similar themes that either the books itself shows or the characters show them. The main character, in this case Jonas and Winston, find themselves in a â€Å"perfect world† until they hit a stopping point and turn back to see reality. They see that information and knowledge has been kept from the people of the community, and how it affects the community. It keeps them from progressing altogether as a society. The freedom of expression has beenRead MoreEssay about Utopian Literature1833 Words   |  8 Pages1932, a book which depicts the dehumanizing factor associated with utopian culture. George Orwell, the infamous lexicographer of satire, published many works in the same era as Huxley, including Animal Farmand 1984. The former is a satire aimed at defaming communism.2 The latter is a warning against superpowers and abuses of scientific technology. Most recently, Lois Lowry crafted her riveting book The Giver. The Giver concentrates on refuting a society where everything from professions to climate isRead More1984 Dystopian Setting Essay974 Words   |  4 Pagesthose in power will manipulate the setting to ensure a controlled atmosphere over its citizens. However, this falsified set ting is either displayed as dirty and indigent or as a pristine and neat society with no inbetween characteristics. 1984 by George Orwell is recognized as a dystopian novel that takes place in a futuristic country called Oceania. This society is at non-stop war and experiences spontaneous bombings along with poor living conditions. The novel begins as Winston Smith scribblesRead MoreGeorge Orwell Character Analysis1422 Words   |  6 PagesEveryone has at least one person who has changed there life, either for better or for worse. There is that one person who made a difference. For George Orwell, it is easy to assume, that person was his first wife, Eileen O’shaughnessy. She not only impacted his life, but also his writing, for example, 1984, and some of his female characters. Orwell first met Miss O’shaughnessy in 1935 at a party that he and his landlord was hosting. He described her as â€Å"talkative and lively† and she had lifted herRead More1984 in Comparison to The Giver1808 Words   |  8 Pagestorture, and constant fear, all of these are key elements in the distopia George Orwell creates in the novel, 1984. In this book, Orwell creates a society which is based solely on hate and controlled by those who seek only power. Orwell, however, is not the only author to ponder the possibility of an extreme, futuristic society. In particular, The Giver, by Louis Lowry relates a great deal to the themes found in 1984. Unlike 1984, Lowrys novel focuses on the idea of a utopia as opposed to Orwells distopiaRead MoreEssay about 1984 By George Orwell1086 Words   |  5 PagesThings to know: 1984 was a book written about life under a totalitarian regime from an average citizen’s point of view. This book envisions the theme of an all knowing government with strong control over its citizens. This book tells the story of Winston Smith, a worker of the Ministry of Truth, who is in charge of editing the truth to fit the government’s policies and claims. It shows the future of a government bleeding with brute force and propaganda. This story begins and ends in the continentRead MoreGeorge Orwell s The Hunger Games979 Words   |  4 Pages1984, the first most influential dystopian novel, set the stage for the future post-apocalypse genre. The â€Å"Big Brother† style overbearing government plowed the way for novels such as the Giver, Fahrenheit 451, The Maze Runner, Divergent, and the Hunger Games. George Orwell wrote 1984 as a warning/prediction of what was to become of the world if it kept on its route. In many ways, some of Orwell’s predictions came true. The main ideas of Orwell’s 1984 inspired Suzanne Collins in her writing of the

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Case Study Mgm Grand Faces - 1282 Words

Possible Solutions Financially, MGM has not been affected by the incidents experienced in the past with fire safety, a build-up of negative perception of MGM Grand will eventually harm the company. A short-term recommendation has been developed that, when implemented, will not be able to make up for the losses that have occurred, but will help ease the consumer’s minds and perceptions of MGM Grand. A separate long-term recommendation will be presented to help solve the ethical dilemmas that MGM Grand faces. The following recommendations will be implemented through a top-down approach, starting with James J. Murren, the Director, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for MGM Resort International. The recommendations will then work their way down the executive parties by branching off into each subsidiary branch and their individual human resource structures getting to Robert H Baldwin, chief design of construction officer, then lastly Rose McKinney- James, director of policy in public affairs. MGM Grand and International will then take the necessary steps to implement the recommendations to each of the brands that make up MGM. Crisis Management Teams A recommendations is the implementation of a Crisis Management Program. MGM Grand did not do everything in their power to handle the situation when incidents, such as the fire of 1980 occurred. Have they had more preparation set forth by MGM Grand crisis management, the situation may have not escalated to the stature that itShow MoreRelatedEssay Mgm Resorts International Case Study8629 Words   |  35 PagesCase Study: MGM Resorts International 27 February 2013 Table of Contents Key Dates and General History 3-5 Environmental Analysis 5-7 Porter Analysis 7-9 Marketing Strategy 9-12 Competitor Analysis (SWOT) 12-18 Company Analysis (SWOT) 18-20 Financial Analysis 21-22 Future Trends 22-23 Recommendations 23-25 ConclusionRead MoreMgm Mirage Case Study3781 Words   |  16 PagesMGM Mirage Introduction of the Company MGM Mirage is one of the largest gaming industries in the United States and specifically Las Vegas, Nevada. The two people responsible for the start of this empire are Kirk Kerkorian and Steven Wynn. Kirk Kerkorian opened up the first MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1973. Steven Wynn moved to Las Vegas in 1967 and after investing in land on the strip he later opened up the Mirage, followed by Treasure Island and the Bellagio. The MGM Mirage was createdRead MoreBrief History And Evolution Of Las Vegas4044 Words   |  17 Pageslarge hotels. He was immediately turned down but was not discouraged. Siegel took over a casino project in 1946 and completed it in two parts via money from his alleged mob involvement. The casino, theater, and restaurants were all completed for the grand opening in 1946 but the hotel rooms were not open to the public until the following year. The Flamingo – named after his girlfriend’s long legs – was the first major hotel to differ from the standard western theme that Las Vegas had become known forRead MoreIs Las Vegas A Destination For Many Travelers?1843 Words   |  8 Pagesmulti hundred million price on building and operating such massive properties on such prime real estate means every potential dollar of profit has to be sought after and every marketing opportunity must be capitalized on! Major corporations such as MGM Resorts, Caesars Entertainment, Wynn Resorts, Las Vegas Sands, and Station Casinos have all stepped into the mega-resort corporate competition and kicked their marketing up a notch. While many enjoy the sights and sounds of Las Vegas , it is worthRead MoreMark Cuban Essay1862 Words   |  8 Pagesenthusiastic attitude, he is just one of the fans. Cuban is an enthusiastic NBA owner who, instead of being a faceless front-office type, is his teams biggest and most vocal fan. When Mark Cuban purchased the Dallas Mavericks on January 14, 2000, the face of the organization began to change immediately. Once again Mavericks games had a party atmosphere as Reunion Arena rocked with the return of the Reunion Rowdies. Mavericks games became more than just ordinary NBA games - they were a total entertainmentRead MoreMark Cuban Bio1892 Words   |  8 Pagesenthusiastic attitude, he is just one of the fans. Cuban is an enthusiastic NBA owner who, instead of being a faceless front-office type, is his teams biggest and most vocal fan. When Mark Cuban purchased the Dallas Mavericks on January 14, 2000, the face of the organization began to change immediately. Once again Mavericks games had a party atmosphere as Reunion Arena rocked with the return of the Reunion Rowdies. Mavericks games became more than just ordinary NBA games - they were a total entertainmentRead MoreCasino Industry Strategy Case Study Essay6573 Words   |  27 Pagesmillion a year in that country. 3. Summary of industry environment analysis Competitors and new entrants The top four large cap gaming operators as measured by revenue are Caesars Entertainment, Harrah’s Entertainment, Mandalay Resort, and MGM Mirage. The other smaller competitors are Boyd Gaming, Penn National Gaming, Station, Ameristar and Isle of Capri Casinos. Actually, the entrance in the market is very hard, because establishing casinos requires large investments currently unavailableRead MoreCirue Du Soleil3282 Words   |  14 Pagesrivalry in the circus industry is extremely low. The Cirque du Soleil doesn’t face intense competition because if we refer to the second page of the case study where was said â€Å"Cirque was cited as one of the companies to have implemented ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’ by creating demand, by developing a new market space, where competition was non-existent (Refer Exhibit I for more information on Blue Ocean Strategy in the case study). Instead of being considered as just another circus company in a decliningRead MoreFtv 106a Ess ay9564 Words   |  39 PagesFTV 106A – Midterm Study Guide TA: Matthew Perkins 1A IDs – People to Know: †¢ Eadweard Muybridge (1830 – 1904) o Born in Britain, emigrated to US early in life, by the 1870s had become a very prominent photographer, mostly photographed nature and animals; very well known o 1872 – Leland Stanford (one of the richest in the state) questions whether or not a horse has all its feet off the ground when it gallops, hired Muybridge to take pictures of racehorses and prove or disprove this o 1877 –Read MoreEuro Disney Case Study12599 Words   |  51 Pagescase fourteen Euro Disney: From Dream to Nightmare, 1987–94 Robert M. Grant At the press conference announcing Euro Disneyland SCA’s financial results for the year ended September 30, 1994, CEO Philippe Bourguignon summed up the year in succinct terms: â€Å"The best thing about 1994 is that it’s over.† In fact, the results for the year were better than many of Euro Disneyland’s long-suffering shareholders had predicted. Although revenues were down 15 percent – the result of falling visitor numbers

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Evaluation of ‘Les Noces’ Free Essays

As part of our dance work we were showed a DVD of ‘Les Noces’. We learnt that it was devised at the beginning of the twentieth century, around the year 1923, by a Russian choreographer named Bronislava Nijinoka. Les noces is famous for being one of the first contemporary ballets performed on the stage. We will write a custom essay sample on Evaluation of ‘Les Noces’ or any similar topic only for you Order Now It is known as a neo- classical ballet and is based on narrative allusions. It has a strong rhythmical emphasis and includes the use of point work. Les noces is a very strong, emotional dance and creates a large impact. It is very compulsive and after watching the first scene you cannot help but to watch on. It has a large narrative content which gives it a desirable back bone. Les noces consists of four scenes which portray a Russian wedding. The scenes are: the consecration of the bride, the consecration of the bride groom, The departure of the bride and The wedding feast. The choreographic techniques in Les noces are well thought out for the feeling and mood of the dance. The choreographer has used male and female dancers in a neo-classical dance that tells a story effectively. The choreographer has used symmetrical and linear shapes and lines as well as levels, this makes the dance more aesthetically pleasing and adds indefinitely to the depth and feeling contained within it. From the position and height of dancers contained within the dance we can get a feeling of what is happening and who is more important etc. We can also learn a lot from how the dancers travel. Les noces includes a very artistic style of jumps and travelling movements. In all the scenes contained within the dance there are different numbers of male and female dancers. To help create mood in the dance the choreographer has used a very percussive form of point work. He had used the method of dancing in point shoes into something that creates a meaningful sound. To help base the dance into a society and culture the choreographer has included a large amount of Russian folk dancing. The use of ballet in Les Noces is more isolated and stiffer than conventional ballet of the early twentieth century. It is more earthy and grounded and less floaty. The design in Les noces is relatively simple. The designer Natalia Gontcharova has used basic costumes and there is only one set. In the first scene the dancers just enter onto a plain stage. There is no backdrop etc, the dancers wear simple costumes, such as brown dresses and white shirts with all the women wearing head coverings. This is probably because we are meant to view these dancers as being peasants. The head coverings are also a religious symbol. The dancers aren’t wearing masks or any obvious make up. The only main prop used in the dance is a wig consisting of long plaits used in the scene ‘ Departure of the bride’. This is used to demonstrate the passage from childhood to womanhood as the plaits are consequentially cut off. The one and only set is used in the last scene ‘The wedding feast’, It basically consists of a wall with a door in it and a few stools. This set is used as it gives a way of showing the togetherness and connection of th e bride and bridegroom as they leave through the door together. This also presents a way of ending the dance. There is no spoken words or phrases in Les noces. All the sound included in it is formed by the orchestra or the afore mentioned use of percussive point work. The musicians are based off stage. The orchestra provides live music and so therefore it isn’t recorded. The volume of the music in Les Noces often indicates mood or feeling. For example, in the last scene ‘The wedding feast’, the sound becomes significantly louder and seems more joyous. Les Noces is performed on a proscenium arch stage. This is probably because the choreography in the dance wouldn’t lend itself to being performed in the round or anywhere site specific. In this dance there is good communication with the audience. The names of the scenes and there contents all tell a story. This is helped by the mood created by the music and the facial expressions of the dancers. Because Les Noces is based on a realistic event many people may feel that they can relate to it. It may also create some interest and intrigue as it portrays a Russian marriage. In the early part of the twentieth century there wasn’t the same cultural understanding between nations that there is know. Many people would know nothing of Russian culture. I definitely felt on a personal level that I could understand what the dance was trying to communicate to me. The feelings of change, love and moving into the unknown. The dance was definitely very compelling.I thought that the way that some of the characters swore oaths was very mysterious. I also liked the way that Les Noces included everyday things and movements such as cuddling. I think that Les noces is a very interesting dance and I can see how it could have been a very radical piece of choreography for it’s day. It is a good example in how dance has changed throughout the ages. I am sure that Les noces is an important piece of dance history. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it being performed. How to cite Evaluation of ‘Les Noces’, Papers

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Should Tobacco Companies Be Held Responsible free essay sample

Should tobacco companies be held responsible for smoking-related illnesses and deaths? I. Introduction A. Should tobacco companies be held responsible for smoking related illnesses? In most cases I believe they should be held liable. Most Americans ask this question and want to know about cigarette companies and why they are allowed to keep selling these products that cause health problems. B. Most people that were smokers way back in the days before they actually had to label their products as unsafe and deadly. In the 70’s it was legal to purchase cigarettes as a teenager and the companies knew that their product was dangerous. Especially since minors were able to purchase these deadly products, they should be held accountable for those that began smoking in their teenage years and were sold to with the reassurance from the company and the government. II. Are the people responsible for their actions. A. Should the people make the sound choice to buy cigarettes who know the risk of smoking be held accountable for their health issues. We will write a custom essay sample on Should Tobacco Companies Be Held Responsible or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page I believe it is called free will in this point being that people today know the repercussions of smoking. B. The fact that all tobacco companies today have to label the warnings on their products and people still make that choice to light up The general public has been well educated about the health risks of smoking, so people who smoke are fully informed about the possible consequences of their habit. Where will that lead our society, more than likely people will try and sue fast food companies for making them fat; trending on down to point the finger at all these companies for the bad choices they made. C. The people that actually started smoking before the surgeon general made these companies put warnings on their products; these people on the other hand did not know the facts about the health issues from smoking. In my eyes these people have every right to be angry or disgruntled with Big tobacco. These people are the victims of our society because they on the other hand like the present were not as informed of the health issues caused from smoking. So they should not be held liable because of these companies getting rich from other peoples suffering. III. Are the companies lying to the public. A. Do tobacco companies oversell and manipulate their products in order for consumers to keep smoking and should the government step in to control their habit? The tobacco industries have to put these labels because the government makes them do so. So now they have to make their product more appealing to offset their outcome of consuming their product. B. Tobacco companies are an evil industry and it’s not surprising they shredded documents to cover up strategic actions for addicting people to their cancer sticks. They try and promote their product as sexy but would rather make a buck from the deadly outcome from smoking their product.